Letters from Around the World

Reading Challenge.

Letters from Around the World is a fun reading challenge that keeps your child reading all year by igniting their interest in the world.

Kids get mail from explorers and go on an expedition every week to explore a new country.

They read letters from explorers, do hands-on educational activities, go on virtual field trips, and more!

This reading challenge:

  • keeps kids reading skills sharp,
  • stops the dreaded summer slide,
  • helps kids grow adcademically, and
  • strengthens family relationships.

Happy travels!

12 Countries, 48 Cities =
1 Epic Adventure Around the World!

Start your adventure.

Stop the summer slide.

What is the summer slide?

Per Scholastic, studies show that kids lose about 20 % of their school-year gains in reading during the summer break. This means kids enter the next school year at a lower reading level than the one they just finished.

How to avoid the summer slide.

Studies have also found that summer reading programs are effective in preventing the summer slide.

So, we designed an inexpensive summer reading program to keeps kids interested in reading all summer long and prevents the summer slide.  

"Really cool and you get to explore the world." - Ella, Student

"Focuses on the enjoyment of reading." - Megan, Parent

"Works well for reluctant readers." - Katy, Teacher



** Denotes BONUS videos and activities.


Day 1

  • Read Letter from Varanasi
  • **Attend Pooja Ceremony
  • Do Expedition Map activity

Day 2

  • Read Letter from Agra
  • **Go on Taj Mahal/Red Fort field trip
  • Make mango lassi

Day 3

  • Read Letter from Jaipur
  • **Celebrate Holi Festival
  • Learn Hindi

Day 4

  • Read Letter from Kochi
  • **Go on field trip/see performance
  • Do yoga

Day 5

  • **Compete Study Guide
  • Complete any makeup work

Stop the slide.

How it works.

Explorers recieves a virtual passport and collect reading miles as they read their way around the world. Upon completion of the program, they recieve a certificate.

  1. Signup for our Unit Studies to get mail.
  2. Download our Virtual Passport to track camper's journey around the world.
    • Each country has 4 checkpoints.
    • Read the letter and do the activity at each checkpont.
    • Collect reading miles at each checkoint.
  3. Download Certificate when camper completes the reading challenge.





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