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About Us.

Meet the Creator & Illustrator

I was born in Guyana, a small country in South America, where Spanish conquistadors thought El Dorado, the Lost City of Gold, was located.

Growing up in a place that was the beacon for many explorers for hundreds of years, I dreamed of adventure and exploring the world.

Moving to the U.S. gave me the opportunity to meet many diverse people. Later, my career and love of travel took me to amazing places around the world. I learned from my travels that people are more similar than they are different. ‚Äč

Happy travels!

Samantha Meldrum

Meet the Explorer

I'm one of the explorers here at Explore By Mail. As the lead explorer, I help choose our destinations and plan our expeditions.

I'm SUPER curious about the world! I love to discover new places, learn about new cultures, and try new yummy foods.

I hope to see you on our next adventurer!